Biking To Work: Get an Unfair Advantage.

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Cars will always be faster on long trips but on short trips (especially in heavy traffic) you will get to your destination faster on a bike. And interesting enough, most people use their car for distances between 10 and 20 miles. This is exactly the distance where you can benefit tremendously from using a bike.

You will save money too. On average, owning a car will cost you around $9000 per year. In contrast to that, a brand new bike will cost you around $1000 and you will spend $50 to $100 on yearly maintenance. That means you will have at least $8000 more in your pocket the very year you switch to a bike.

Funnily enough, most Americans still don’t bike to work. The cycling infrastructure has been improved massively over the last years. Everyone seems to know about the benefits. But no-one is leaving their car. It’s hard to understand why this is still the case, despite the obvious benefits:

Cycling as a Commute is Fun.

Remember when you were riding your bike around the neighborhood? Biking to work let’s you be that kid again. You get to make your way through the city or countryside, you sit outside and experience what is going on. Before you know it, you are taking detours to make your commute last longer.

Biking has many health benefits.

You burn calories without even having to think about it. On average, biking let’s you burn as many calories as jogging, and you will cover about three times the distance. Not to mention that the impact on your joints is much lower. Your cardio-vascular health will improve, your blood pressure will lower, you will feel more energetic, look slimmer and sexier. And all that you will accomplish during your commute. You’ll still have time to do whatever you want.

You won’t just save yourself money

A cost benefit analysis has shown that the city of Portland could save between $380 and $600 million in health care costs by just empowering it’s citizens to cycle to work.

So think about it! This might be the best time to get started. Sure, it will rain sometimes. Sure, you might not feel like cycling sometimes. But how is that different from commuting in the car?

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