How To Choose Your New Mountain Bike

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If you are looking for a new mountain bike, you need to know what you should be looking for in terms of structure and features. Getting the right model is important if you want to confidently take on the trails. While it is important to know what to look for, you will also need to test the bike out and it is recommended that you try a bike in store.

The Type Of Mountain Bike

A lot of people do not realize that there are a number of different types  that you can get. The most common will be the trail bike which is not grounded to any specific type of category. This is generally considered the best MTB for new cyclists as they have a sensible weight and is overall efficient.

The cross-country bike will be ideal for fast riding and for climbing. These bikes will generally focus on a low weight and cycling efficiency. This is the best type if you want to get a bit competitive or you like to go fast on your local trails.

The fat bike offers you oversize tires which means that they have excellent traction. They are ideal for sand and snow conditions and will be great for beginners. The tires are forgiving as you pick through rough terrain and will make getting into mountain biking much easier.

The all-mountain bike is the last type that you need to know about and is really a boosted trail bike. These bikes have been designed to perform well on steep descents while still being light enough for uphill pedaling. These bikes are generally not recommended for the beginner.

The Suspension

The suspension is something that you need to take seriously when you are choosing your next ride. It is possible to get a one that does not have any suspension and they are known as rigid. These bikes are easier to maintain and will be cheaper, but they will generally be uncomfortable on the trails.

Hard-tail mountain bikes are a step up and will have a suspension fork on the front wheel. The suspension will absorb the impact from the front when, but the back wheel will not have any cushioning. These bikes will be more expensive than the rigid ones and they generally have the feature of locking out the front fork to turn into a rigid bike.

The full-suspension mountain bike will be the most expensive, but will also be the most comfortable. They will have a suspension fork on the front wheel and a rear shock to absorb the impact from the rear wheel. This will drastically reduce the impact on the rider which will make the ride more enjoyable and forgiving. The one issue with full suspension bikes is the fact that they could bob a bit and you might lose some energy when climbing uphill.

The Frame Material Of The Bike

The frame will impact the weight, strength, price, and longevity. The most common frame material is aluminum alloy and some of the more expensive bikes will have lighter aluminum frames. The cost of these MTB’s will generally be greater because of the effort the manufacturer has put into the tubing design, selection of materials and manufacturing process.

You will also be able to get bicycles with titanium, steel or carbon fiber frames. Steel will be inexpensive and is very tough while offering a smooth ride. The problem is that it can be very heavy which makes it harder to climb.

The titanium frames will be lighter and strong, but the metal is expensive. Carbon fiber is often used for mountain bikes because of the low weight and strength. It used to be very expensive because of the labor-intensive manufacturing process. But now you can buy some very high quality carbon MTB’s for little more than an aluminum version. Check out the collection here:

There are many factors that you need to consider when you choose a new MTB. You will need to know the type that you want as well as the suspension and the frame material.

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