Top Three Simple Upgrades For Every Mountain Bike

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Almost all individuals will at some point in their lives ride a bicycle. Some people will continue to ride the ‘average’ bicycle without considering the differences between the models, but others will pay attention to the bicycle and notice the alterations in design. If you ask the average young adult what the difference between a sports bike and a road bike is, they probably would not know; however, an avid mtb rider could start talking about models, designs, years and possibly brands.

When you purchase a sports bicycle, you will notice that it is designed and optimized for speed. The primary objective of a sports bicycle is to move quickly, which is evident in the drop handles and trim tires. While the average person will spend time riding the basics, it is recommended that you perform some upgrades if you want the bicycle to offer you an outstanding riding experience. The upgrades do not need to be complicated or elaborate as simple modifications can be as effective. This article will provide information on the top three simple upgrades for every mountain bicycle.

The Tires

Not only are the tires one of the cheapest and easiest parts of the bicycle to upgrade, but they are the only item between you and the road. It is for this reason that they need to be well-maintained and upgraded to suit your particular needs. While tires may seem to be all the same being black and round, not all tires carry the same degree of substance. For example, a grip tire allows the rider to carry more speed, whereas wider tires offer more comfort and are better for long distance traveling. Rock-hard tires present with a near-zero drag, while the wide-set tires offer a meaningful boost in ground clearance. If you are considering the larger tires, it is important to check the frame clearance beforehand to confirm your bicycle can withstand the new tires.

The Brakes

The second simple upgrade that all mountain bike riders need to consider is the brakes. While brakes are typically considered for safety reasons, they can be vital for speed when riding. It may seem counter intuitive, but using your brakes can help carry speed through when riding a bicycle. The more powerful and predictable your brakes are, the greater your confidence regarding speed increase and the less drag you have when hitting them early.

One of the most powerful brake sets is the FSA K-Force offering full stopping power with modulation, while still being lightweight enough to bring additional benefits. It may be best to research the benefits and potentially swap to disc braking; however, disc braking will require compatible frames, forks, and hubs.

The Saddle And Bars

The final simple upgrade is one that is often overlooked in comparison to tires and brakes – the saddle and bars. Bars and saddles on a bicycle make a significant contribution to overall performance and are very easy to upgrade. Regarding the saddle, it is vital that one has a comfortable saddle to avoid being uncomfortable over long-distance rides. A suitable seat post is where the comfort meets endurance factor comes into play, assuming that your frame is correct, to begin with.

When it comes to bars, there are various models of bars available with different profiles. The main differences come in reach, drop and width, and it is important to consider these factors when choosing the ideal option. Once again comfort meets endurance comes into play as you need to find bars that suit your needs, your frame, and your comfort level.


As can be seen, the upgrades one performs to a bicycle do not need to be elaborate to be effective and can be as simple as changing the tires. Using the information above, you can complete the top three simple upgrades for a Mountain Bike.

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